Eat Right for Life

  • Lifestyle Change Program



    Saturdays   Feb 18th – April 22nd  11:00 am – 12:00 pm

    A 10 week lifestyle change program that will teach you how to change negative physical, mental, emotional and social behaviors into positive ones. The Eat Right For Life – Lifestyle Change Program was created and is taught by Julia Politte.  Julia is a licensed registered dietitian and certified personal trainer with over 20 years experience helping clients achieve their fitness and health goals.

    Participants who commit to following the program can expect to lose between 8-16 pounds in 8 weeks, increase muscle tone, and increase energy levels. By continuing to incorporate their new lifestyle, after the 8 weeks, participants will continue to lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight.

    *Each session will include an Eating Right lesson plan and weigh-in, 8 of the sessions will also including a time efficient, high calorie burning strength workout.

    Each weekly session includes an Eat Right for Life lesson plan & weigh-in plus a time-efficient, high-calorie burning strength workout.  Cost is $250